The 25 hottest gadgets of July 2014

From your own beer dispenser to portable arcade machines, we've rounded up the most awesome tech of the month in one place
The 25 hottest gadgets of July 2014

As another month draws to a close, we’ve once again been searching far and wide to find the most impressive gadgets out there for Hot Stuff

July was a hot month (not just in terms of the temperature). With the amount of tech that we found, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’d missed some of it out in the sun, so we’ve compiled the best bits from the month in one place. Enjoy.

Bass Trunkies suitcase speakers: bags of sound

Bass Trunkies suitcase speakers

Pump up the bass and carry it around for all the world to hear, with these speakers built into vintage suitcases.

Read more about the Bass Trunkies suitcase speakers here

Synek beer dispenser: banish closing time forever

Synek beer dispenser

This counter-top tap system recreates an American-style craft brew pub in your own home.

Read more about the Synek beer dispenser here

Hotblack watch: check the time and the football score

Hotblack watch

No screens, no messages, no nonsense: this watch shows the time, live football scores, and nothing else. The time is quarter past... YES, GET IN MY SON

Read more about the Hotblack watch here

Cloud lamp: turn your living room into a thunder dome

Cloud lamp

Flashes of “lightning” and rumbling noises mean this light fitting can always party up a storm.

Read more about the Cloud lamp here

Swich: the sexy wireless charging dock

Swich wireless charging dock

Ever thought that wireless charging docks couldn’t be sexy? Well, you’re wrong.

Read more about the Swich wireless charging dock here

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