15 incredible Windows Phone apps that don't cost a penny

Make the most of your Windows phone with these horizon-expanding apps
15 incredible Windows Phone apps that don't cost a single cent

Windows naysayers would describe the Windows Phone Store as a desolate landscape, void of any form of intelligent app life when compared to the lusher Android and iOS ecosystems. But they couldn't be more wrong. 

Seek and ye shall find. And in this case, you don't even have to seek because we've kindly scoured the Windows Phone Store on your behalf to bring you 15 fantastic apps, none of which will cost you a penny. From the productive to the creative, there's something here for everyone. 

So read on, then get download-crazy and give your Windows phone a treat.

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15 incredible Windows Phone apps that don't cost a single cent

There you are, doing your expenses claim, when you realise it took you so long to do it, the ink has faded. We feel your pain. 

Fortunately, CamScanner offers you a better way. Use the app to take a photo of your receipt and you can continue working on it via your phone. The app recognises and enhances text from your scanned documents and allows you to extract entire pieces of text for easier information consolidation.

You can even use it to convert text documents to PDFs without having to enter text manually, saving you a whole load of time that could be better spent lounging on the couch. You can also work collaboratively by making annotations on a document across devices.

Download CamScanner here

Fresh Paint

15 incredible Windows Phone apps that don't cost a single cent

The very creative Fresh Paint upgrades the finger-painting experience with an assortment of sophisticated tools. So whether it’s doodling a handlebar moustache on your boss or attempting a Van Gogh from scratch, nothing but your talent’s the limit with these modern tools at your disposal.

Begin on an empty canvas or use Bing to search images (which you can also transform into watercolour or pencil sketch, depending on the mode you like to work in) to doodle upon. Mix your paints, test out brush style and change stroke fineness on a very believable palette that you can even smudge colours on. 

Download Fresh Paint here


15 incredible Windows Phone apps that don't cost a single cent

Find your perfect red with this sommelier of an app. Educate yourself on the different grape types that go into making each wine, pairing the right white with the right type of food, and our favourite bit - the correct pronounciation of wine and grape names (very important when wanting to impress a potential mate).

It has all the information you need to be a certified wine snob. Just remember to deliver your wine trivia with a hint of ze French accent to be completely believeable.

Download Plonk here 

DubStep Pad

15 incredible Windows Phone apps that don't cost a single cent

Hone your DJ skills one tap at a time: DubStep Pad offers an as-long-as-you-have-fingers kind of easy interface to create your own short tracks.

With 36 different sound samples to choose from (and more sample packs available as IAP), you can loop sections and adjust pitch to create your own dubstep din, er, we mean hit. Even if you smack the multicoloured pads at random, there's a chance you'll come up with a reasonable rhythm, given the state of music these days. 

Download DubStep Pad here

627 .AM

15 incredible Windows Phone apps that don't cost a single cent

This basic but beautiful wake-me-up app is the perfect morning companion. Aside from making sure you get up on time, you’ll be faced with all the information (weather forecast, a reminder to call in sick, another to replenish food in the fridge before you starve to death) you need, laid out beautifully for you to hit the ground running once you force your eyes open.

But like it or not, the maximum snooze limit of nine minutes still sticks. Someone needs to make an app to prolong that. 

Download 627 .AM here