12 must-have apps for the LG G4

LG has nailed the hardware – now it's your turn to nail the software

The LG G4 is such a slick device that it deserves to be adorned with nothing but the best apps.

After all, even a leathered beauty like the G4 can fail to shine its brightest without the proper software. So to make sure you get the best out of the five star-rated LG handset we present the definitive must-have apps for your new silicon friend.

Drupe (free)

Between email, Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook, Skype, voice call, email, Viber and the tens of other ways we can be contacted our smartphones can feel like a tangled mess of different comms apps. Stop the G4's sumptuous Android 5.1 from feeling cluttered by simplifying your communications with Drupe. This handy app brings together all your social messages in one place, helping you organise contacts and get in touch with a single swipe.

Download Drupe here

Monument Valley (£0.49)

The G4's 2560 x 1440 resolution screen is great at pumping out vivid colours, so last year's BAFTA-winning game Monument Valley is an absolute must purchase. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous games available on any platform, but its Esher-esque puzzles will keep your mind off the horror of your daily commute with their brain-bending cleverness.

Download Monument Valley here

Twinone IR Remote (free)

It would be a shame to waste the G4's in-built infrared blaster, especially if you've got a smart TV. Whilst other chumps are mucking around with Wi-Fi remotes of dubious reliability, you can control your telly directly with this IR remote app. The pad is extremely basic, but more than enough to fire up Netflix and skip the credits each time you decide to watch "just one more episode".

Download Twinone IR Remote here