11 of the best Apple Watch straps

Updated 21/3/17: Now including the finest bands from Apple's Spring 2017 wardrobe...

The Apple Watch has so many straps it now needs to take one of those giant wardrobe trunks when it goes on holiday. 

The good news is that, while this puts our collection of six t-shirts to shame, there are now more ways than ever to spruce up your Apple Watch and make it feel like new.

Whether you're after a £20 bargain or an artisanal leather anniversary present, we've collected our favourites - including the best from Apple's new Spring 2017 range - in our catwalk highlights below. Just don't tell your unloved Tissot that your smartwatch is getting yet another new present...

Official Apple Woven Nylon Strap (£49)

Apple’s durable and comfortable nylon straps have always been among the most affordable, and they're now decked out in some summery stripes that (no doubt intentionally) remind us of delicious ice lollies.

If you've got a favourite striped t-shirt or boating blazer, there might well be a match among its five new editions. We're particularly fond of the 'Orange' edition (above), which perfectly matches our usual shade of holiday sunburn.    

Buy the Official Apple Woven Nylon Strap here

Wristouch Italian Leather Strap (US$90)

Wristouch has a decent selection of quality Apple Watch straps and cases, and we quite like these genuine calfskin leather ones which are available in black, tan and dark brown The combination of the Apple watch’s metal chassis and muted leather design is one that, we think, works really well.

Buy the Wristouch Italian Leather Strap here 

Apple Nike Sport Band (£49)

If you're thinking this looks remarkably like the sporty strap that was previously an exclusive for the Apple Watch Nike+, you'd be right - Apple has now made it available to buy separately, and in three colours no less.

The Nike Sport Band is available in white, black and the yellow/black combo that previously marked out Watch Nike+ owners as special sporty snowflakes.

Of course, it's effectively the standard Sport band with holes punched in it, but we've found the reduced weight and extra comfort to be a big boon when sporting. Being able to wear it slightly tighter means guaranteed heart-rate sensor accuracy too.

Buy the Apple Nike Sport Band

Japace Magnetic Leather Loop Strap (£20)

This is another example of a strap that’s close to the real deal - namely Apple’s £150 Leather Loop strap - but at a fraction of the cost. £20, to be exact. The genuine leather strap, complete with a bumpy, ribbed design, could easily be mistaken for Apple’s bonafide alternative, and the magnetic clasp makes it easy to slap on and off too.

Buy the Japace Magnetic Leather Loop Strap here 

Sanday Stainless Steel Band (£24)

Guess what - this is another close relative to an official Apple strap - the £450 Link Bracelet, to be more precise. And once again, it’s quite a lot cheaper. The clasp mechanism is a little different, sure, but the overall look is pretty darn close. And with stainless steel construction and the ability to adjust the links like a traditional watch strap, this appears to be a very solid buy for a smidgen under £25.

Buy the Sanday Stainless Steel Band 

SevenSixteen Click adaptor (from US$20)

If you’re an avid watch fan with a collection of straps you already adore, then you’re in luck - these adaptors slot into your Apple watch and let you use any regular watch strap you fancy. Many Android Wear watches from the likes of LG and Samsung let you do this as standard, but luckily these adaptors won’t break the bank, especially if you go for the cheaper aluminium models.

PS - no, this isn't technically a strap but... it's happened anyway. You might as well just accept it.

Buy the SevenSixteen Click adaptor here 

Official Apple Watch Sport Band (£50)

If you’re one of those people with ‘motivation’ and ‘drive’ then it’s very likely that you’re out before dawn, running along in all weather, getting fitter and stronger while the rest of us desperately try not to eat an entire box of Pop Tarts in one sitting. Ahem. Anyway, if that’s you, then this sport-friendly and relatively affordable official rubber strap should offer you all the durability and comfort you need while tracking your cardiovascular shenanigans.

Buy the Official Apple Watch Sport Band here 

Casetify Apple Watch Band (US$52)

Casetify offers plenty of funky straps to suit almost any taste - but no one’s taste is as good as yours, which is why its custom strap service is ideal for making your Apple Watch truly your own. Its online strap builder lets you upload any photo you fancy, and it links directly to Instagram and Facebook too, pulling in your pictures for some quick ’n’ easy customisation. Just make sure your photos are a high enough resolution before clicking the buy button.

Buy the Casetify Apple Watch Band here 

Apple Watch Hermès Etoupe Swift Leather Double Tour strap (£450)

Right. Let’s get this out of the way - this strap costs £450 which, quite frankly, is a little insane. If you’ve got the money to spare though, and are into fashion brands (and really, really like double-wrapping watch straps), then it’s sort of the only option on the planet for you right now. Unless you make your own. Which, in all honesty, will probably be cheaper.

Buy the Apple Watch Hermès Etoupe Swift Leather Double Tour strap here

Lucrin Goat Leather Strap (from £143)

While this genuine goat leather strap is a little on the pricey side, you can customise it with a wide variety of colours, right down to the colour of the stitching and metal components too, making sure you nail the look that’s perfect for you and your wrist.

Buy the Lucrin Goat Leather Strap 

Apple Watch Hermes Lime Epsom Leather Single Tour (£299)

Does your Barenia leather wallet not quite stretch wide enough to be able to afford the £449 Leather Double Tour strap? This newer Hermès number is also handmade by French artisans, but it available in much cheerier colours including lime (above) and, er, 'feu', which looks suspicuously like red.

These versions are only compatible with the 42mm case though, so if you want something similar for a 38mm case check out the similarly priced Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour

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