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10 of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 apps

You’ve unwrapped your shiny new Note 3 and showered it with accessories. Now what? Why, you treat it to some apps of course

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in hand

The Galaxy Note 3 scored a well-deserved five stars in Stuff’s review. If you read it (you have read it, haven’t you?) then you might have picked one up. Congratulations.

If you have then take some of these Note-friendly apps for a spin and unleash the full potential of its powerful innards.

SwiftKey 4.3

Swiftkey 4.3 beta

SwiftKey is the very first app you should install on any new Android device. It’s the best touch screen keyboard we’ve ever used and its word predictions are so accurate, they actually scare us a little. The 4.3 Beta can be downloaded here for free, and it gives you the option to split the keyboard up across the screen – a feature that’ll come in handy when the 5.7in Note 3 is held in in a landscape orientation. You can even shrink it and move it around for easier one-handed typing. Genius.

£Free Swiftkey

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator

If you’re into your quadratic equations (and boy, who isn’t these days) then this will be an indispensable app that’ll show off the S Pen’s true power. It lets you jot down mathematical expressions on the screen before converting them into digital text and outputting the results in real time. Now if only we could math properly….

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