10 of the best Nokia Lumia 1020 apps

My, that’s a nice Windows Phone you have. Brand new, you say? Let’s toss some free apps into that snappy smartie
Nokia Lumia 1020

We called Nokia's Lumia 1020 "the best cameraphone ever" – with an awesome 41MP camera and plenty of power under the hood.

Make your snap-happy smartphone even better with this selection of essential Windows Phone apps.

CamScanner (Free)


Chuck that scanner away. Why would you need it, if you’ve installed CamScanner on your Lumia 1020? Take a snapshot of that business card or document, let the app work its magic and it’ll save them in PDF format. Heck, it’ll even organise the scans and upload them to your SkyDrive.

Download CamScanner

Facebook (Free)


One of the great things about Windows Phone is its deep integration of Facebook’s news feed. But it doesn’t hurt to get the official Facebook app and view your Timeline with more visuals. No, it’s not meant for you to play Facebook games. No Candy Crush Saga for you.

Download Facebook

File Explorer (Free)

File Explorer

Running out of space on your Lumia? It’s time to do some housekeeping with File Explorer. As its name implies, this app grants you access to the file system within the phone. Find and delete files that are taking up precious space. You can even transfer files between PC and phone via Wi-Fi. Oh, SkyDrive too, in case your life is saved in Microsoft’s cloud storage.

Download File Explorer

Instagram (Free)


The photo-sharing app, once exclusive to iOS users and creating a generation of selfie hipsters, has finally arrived on Windows Phone (albeit in beta form). There are kinks to iron out, such as the lack of video. But hey, you're not truly living if you don’t have Instagram to stalk, we mean, follow your friends’ activities. And with the 1020's 41MP camera, your snaps will look amazing.

Download Instagram

Spotify (Free)


It’s a pity that Spotify is free to stream on iOS and Android devices, but not on Windows Phone. We can only hope it’s temporary, but that shouldn’t stop you from accessing millions of tracks on your phone. A £10 monthly subscription doesn’t really cost that much, considering you can save your favourite tracks for offline playing.

Download Spotify