Jeepers Creepers

Every time we look at Eclipse’s TD510 stereo speakers, we see a pair of beady eyes staring back at us. It’s not all about the looks though, and these eyeballs really give your ears a treat.

The egg-shaped speakers need a bit of pampering to get the most from them; you’ll need a system of suitable quality and the positioning has to be spot on. Thankfully they look unfeasibly gorgeous so you’ll easily forgive them for the trouble.

The hunt is on

The TD510’s sonic accent is easy to adjust to, however, and once you’re accustomed to it, you’ll find these speakers deliver a breathtaking performance. One that in some areas – and this is a major statement – is better than just about anything out there regardless of the price. These Eclipses will track each and every note with the relentless determination of a bloodhound.

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Eclipse TD510 review

An oddball design and difficult temperament mean the TD510s aren't for everyone but pay dividends to those who persist