These might just be the world’s smallest wireless earbuds

These Earin earbuds are dinky, dainty and come with their own charging capsule – and no wires

With headphones, there are two ways you can go: showy Beats-style cans, or dinky in-ears.

And they don't come much dinkier than Earin's in-ears; it claims they're the “world's smallest wireless earbuds”. Although it’s hard to prove, it does look minute, judging from how it looks just a tad bigger than a tablet. The ones you take for headaches, not your iPad Air.

Backed by more than 3700 people on Kickstarter, these completely wireless and cable-less audio tools have raised north of £400,000 from an original funding goal of £179,000 – and there are still 35 days left on the clock.

A closer look

The Earin earbuds connect to your phone (and each other) via Bluetooth 4.0 and the aptX audio codec, and use balanced armature speakers (found in professional in-ear monitors and hearing aids). Earin claims that they're a new design, "featuring extended response in the low end and vastly improved high frequency response." 

Battery life is, of course, a concern; to alleviate it, Earin comes with a USB-powered charging capusle. Pop your earbuds into the keyring-sized pod, and they'll automatically charge.

The other worry with wireless earbuds is whether they'll fall out. Earin comes with a range of different foam tips that let you customise your fit, plus a silicone rubber concha lock that fits around them and holds them in place when you're out jogging. 

Want to get your hands on a set? Sadly, the early bird deals are all gone, so the starting price on Kickstarter is £120. And beware: if you’ve got massive fingers, good luck digging them out of your ears.

No really, we’re not kidding.

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[Source: Cnet

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