These suitcase speakers pack in bags of sound

Pump up the bass and carry it around for all the world to hear

So gluing electronics to bags is art now?
Everything is art. The sandwich we made for lunch, for example, was a particularly exquisite one. Thinly sliced pastrami, gherkin, a dash of mustard, on rye bread. Delicious. Beautiful. But we digress.

This suitcase isn't just a work of art. It's functional work of art. Those speakers? They work you know.

Work as in…
As in they actually play music. You know, like actual speakers.

The Bass Trunkies, as they're so affectionately called, all began life as actual trunks and suitcases, carting clothes around without fanfare.

Then one day, they underwent a transformation. Each unique Bass Trunkie was fitted with a built-in digital amplifier, an eight hour battery, speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as an optional Bluetooth receiver. They were reborn into sexy, portable music-making machines.

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It's like the million dollar man. Except with suitcases.

Exactly. Old, battered and tired one day, bright eyed and bass-pumping the next. 200W of power will comfortably be enough for a merry gathering, and you can almost guarantee no one else on the beach will have speakers quite as funky as yours.

I would like to purchase one magical soundcase please.
Certainly. Head on over to basstrunkies and nab one of your own from £250.

Rock on.

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