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19 October 2016 / 14:04BST

OnePlus 3 review

[UPDATE] In Graphite or the new Soft Gold, it's still a case of third time…. lucky as ever
19 October 2016 / 2:51BST

Apple Car preview

UPDATE (19/10/16): Apple might not build its own car after all
18 October 2016 / 14:00BST

Google Pixel review

Is this the Google phone you've been waiting for?
15 October 2016 / 8:00BST

App of the week: Maximum Car review

If Burnout was made from Lego. Then infused with extra explosions. With the Duke Nukem guy growling over the top
13 October 2016 / 14:52BST

Mafia III review

Ready to feed some Italian mobsters to the Deep South's hungry 'gators?
11 October 2016 / 18:00BST

GoPro Karma hands-on review

It fits inside a backpack, zips through the skies at 60 km/h and shoots your adventures in 4K - what's...
10 October 2016 / 15:00BST

Earin wireless earbuds review

Apple's AirPods aren't the only wireless in-ears around - Earin's buds are smaller and more subtle to boot...