The 5 best Sony PlayStation 4 games so far

Did Santa bring you a PS4 this Christmas? Time to splash out on these must-have titles

As a piece of hardware, the PlayStation 4 (read our in-depth PS4 review here) is a truly fantastic games console – but what about its software? Well, turns out there are some cracking titles already available, and if you read on we'll tell you exactly which ones you need to buy.


Like gadget-mad chef Heston Blumenthal reinventing a classic dish, Housemarque’s Resogun takes the best ingredients of ‘80s coin-op blasters and whips them into something new and magical. Resogun’s addictive protect-and-survive action is utterly thrilling, all heart-pumping shooting and callus-inducing manoeuvring. It’s a looker too, using the PS4’s power to create a kaleidoscopic world where enemies burst into showers of fizzing pixels like fireworks. It’s our favourite PS4 game yet and for good reason.

Best for... trigger-happy Tron enthusiasts

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EA Sports has cemented its dominance of digital footy with its new generation incarnation of FIFA 14. On top of the satisfying action of the old generation, it harnesses the extra oomph of the PlayStation 4 to give us better animation, more lifelike crowds, a superior camera angle, smarter players and more physical kickabouts. It’s a noticeable improvement on the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions and confirmation that FIFA’s reign as our favourite football game won’t be ending anytime soon.

Best for... seeing the sweat on Ronaldo's brow

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Need for Speed: Rivals

With Driveclub a no-show at launch, PS4 owners have Need for Speed: Rivals to keep them happy in the interim. Rivals is the culmination of the best ideas from recent Need for Speeds and the result is a game of throaty engine roars, inviting open roads, smoky powerslides, cop car chases and full-throttle racing. Its AllDrive feature also demolishes the wall between single and multiplayer to great effect so that real people populate much of its open world.

Best for... pretending you don't need Forza

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Lego’s quest to reinvent the world’s favourite geek stories continues. This time more than 100 heroes and villains from the Marvel universe have had the bricks-and-bits treatment and the result is one of the best Lego games yet. It’s not just the big name characters either. For every Spider-Man there’s a Captain Britain to please the Marvel devotee. With its keen humour, puzzles and joyous slapstick action this is a must for big and little kids alike.

Best for... childlike joy

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Call of Duty: Ghosts might still have the multiplayer edge but Killzone: Shadow Fall is much prettier and boasts the superior single-player experience, which is backed by some rock-solid shooting. Shadow Fall is no multiplayer slouch either. The clever Warzone mode, where players get new kit by completing any of the game’s many challenges, is a refreshing alternative to the XP grinding of most first-person shooters and one that encourages players to constantly spice up their tactics.

Best for... showing off what the PS4 can do

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