Stuff Gadget Podcast Special - the most exciting games coming in 2017

The latest episode of the Stuff Gadget Podcast is now live!

Instead of a regular episode of the Stuff Gadget Podcast, this week we have for your delectation a one-off special on the most exciting games that will grace a console or PC near you over the next 11 months or so.

Rob Leedham is on hosting duties once more, as Ryan Jones and Tom Morgan talk through the games they can't wait to play - plus a couple they've been lucky enough to have had a go on already.

We'll be back to our regular podcast schedule with episode 14 next week, so make sure you subscribe to the Stuff Gadget Podcast using whichever is your favourite podcasty platform.

Or just click below to listen to this week's special via Soundcloud. You'll also find a link to our podcast page on iTunes below that, plus an RSS link should that be more your kind of thing.

However you do it, thanks for listening!