Meet the Renovo Coupe: the muscle car with an electric heart

This all-electric beast produces over 500bhp without a peep from the pipes

An all-electric muscle car? That doesn't sit well with us...

Admittedly, it is a bit odd seeing a glorious Shelby Daytona with a bunch of batteries underneath the bonnet rather than a big block Chevrolet V8 engine, but the latest unveiling for fledgling automotive manufacturer Renovo is set to deliver pony car-bothering power.

So how does it work?

Silicon Valley firm Renovo has taken a Shelby American CSX9000 rolling chassis as a basis and injected three monstrous lithium-ion battery packs and a pair of direct-drive twin sequential axial flux motors underneath the skin. The results are pretty impressive.

Meet the Renovo Coupe: the muscle car with an electric heart -  2Meet the Renovo Coupe: the muscle car with an electric heart -  3

Go on, how powerful is it?

The twin motors spit out the equivalent of around 500bhp and 1354Nm torque, meaning the Renovo can accelerate from a standing start to 60mph in just 3.4 seconds and on to a top speed of 120mph. That's quicker than Tesla's Model S and Roadster models.

It must take an absolute age to charge...

The zero-emissions muscle car has been designed to work with the fast-charging network, which will top up the batteries in half an hour. Charging from a standard plug socket will take a road trip-destroying five hours, though. Renovo reckons the Coupe can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge but expect that figure to be dramatically slashed if you like burnouts, drifting, drag racing and all the other stuff muscle cars are perfect for.

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It all sounds expensive, how much will it cost?

Are you sitting comfortably? It costs a whopping US$529,000 - or £316,214 in sterling. That's a hell of a lot of cash to sink into a company that has only been operating for four years.

But It does look nice...

Yes, it's drop-dead gorgeous and we will hopefully start seeing them in the wild towards the end of next year. Just don't expect the soundtrack to be as good as the picture.

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