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The 15 Hottest Gadgets of August 2014

As summer draws to an end, we keep the heat coming with our roundup of the past month's most desirable tech

With the weather on the turn, it looks like barbeque season is over for another year. But don’t let those clouds overheard worry you: here at Stuff we’re keeping the heat high with this month’s list of fabulous gadgets.

And with the number of cars we’re packing, at least you’ll look amazing driving the kids back to school.

Polaris Slingshot: The most fun you have on three wheels

Polaris Slingshot: The most fun you can legally have on three wheels

The three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot is a category-defying vehicle. Is it a car? Is it an ATV? Is it a motorcycle? We’re just not su–– ah no, wait, we are: it’s technically a motorcycle. It’s also technically awesome, with a ride so responsive you’ll feel "like you’re surfing the ashphalt". Gnarly.

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Noke: A padlock you open with your phone

Noke: A padlock you open with your phone, not a key

This smart padlock doesn’t require a key or a combination. Instead, it’s unlocked wirelessly via Bluetooth and a smartphone app: just bring your iOS or Android device within 10m and your Noke (pronounced "no-key", geddit?) will open automatically.

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OM/ONE Levitating Speaker: it’ll float into your heart

OM/ONE Levitating Speaker: guaranteed to float into your heart

Using the mystic power of magnets, this spherical Bluetooth speaker floats majestically above its dock – and when you head out you can take it with you, thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery.

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The Raleigh Chopper is resurrected

The Raleigh Chopper is resurrected

This limited-edition bike embodies the best kind of nostalgic quality… and it comes with a denim saddle and back pad! Take a ride back to the 1970s for as little as £250, because it’s on sale right now.

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The Ettore Bugatti Legend: the super-exclusive special edition Veyron

The glorious Ettore Bugatti Legend

Yep. We can’t afford it either. And at £1.8 million, we probably never will. But that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over this glorious Ettore Bugatti Legend.

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Sony Bravia S90 4K TV: Not-so-curved is the new curved

The curvy new Sony Bravia S90

A new (massive) TV! And just in time for Great British Bake-Off! The S90 has a unique 4.2-channel virtual surround sound system that’s going to fire those Mel and Sue zingers straight into your brainbox.

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Saleen puts more swank into the Tesla Model S

Saleen puts more swank into the Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is probably the world’s best-known electric car, and a formidable performer on the road. But US modding company Saleen has rigged it out with better brakes, aerodynamics and more in an attempt to hit true track-ready supercar status.

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Hue and cry: LightFreq is a disco in a lightbulb

Hue and cry: LightFreq is a disco in a lightbulb

LightFreq packs a Bluetooth speaker and microphone into a colour-changing, connected bulb that pumps out 800 lumens in 16 million colour combinations. So your ceiling can pump out tunes and make sure you can read the paper properly at the same time.

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Renovo Coupe: the muscle car with an electric heart

Meet the Renovo Coupe: the muscle car with an electric heart

It might look like a classic Shelby Daytona, but beneath this car’s metal skin lurks not a big block V8 but a motor and a bunch of batteries. And yet it’ll still top 120mph and go from 0-60mph in just 3.4 seconds – all with zero emissions.

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Phyode W/Me: checks that you’re breathing

Phyode W/Me

Life’s not all about notifications and hashtags, you know: sometimes you’ve got to focus on your inner-self. The Phyode W/Me (or ‘With Me’, to give it its less awkward name), is designed to monitor your autonomic nervous system – the part that means you keep breathing when you’re asleep – in order to help root out stress.

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Yamaha Relit LSX-70: a speaker and lamp in one

Yamaha Relit LSX-70: a Bluetooth speaker and a lamp rolled into one

If you want to save shelf or desk space, Yamaha has the perfect solution: its Relit LSX-70 device dual-classes as both a Bluetooth speaker and a smart lamp. And it’s battery-powered to boot. So whether you want to listen to tunes, light your room or do both at the same time, it’s got you covered.

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Volvo XC90: a tech treasure chest on wheels

The Volvo XC90 is a tech treasure chest on wheels

Volvo’s new Land Rover rival is a gadget fan’s dream car: powerful LED headlights, a cutting edge hybrid setup and an Apple- and Android-friendly Sensus infotainment unit mean tech is front and centre here.

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McLaren P1 GTR: the ultimate track-day toy

McLaren P1 GTR concept is the ultimate track-day toy

The McLaren P1 might be frightening enough as it is, but this concept takes things to a whole new level by adding more power, improved aerodynamics and the sort of suspension that’d shatter your coccyx were you to take it out on Britain’s shoddy asphalt. Good thing it’s not road legal, then…

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Pentax K-S1: a striking DSLR for sharp snapshots

The Pentax K-S1: a striking DSLR for sharp snapshots

DSLR cameras have never been the most exciting-looking of gadgets, but Pentax is aiming to change that with its new K-S1, which comes in no fewer than 12 different colour options (highlights include "Denim Blue" and "Dusk Gold") and sports LED lighting on its grip. The LEDs glow green when you’re taking photos and red when you’re capturing video. Why? We’re not quite sure – but it looks cool.

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Sony’s TN1W tennis sensor: you cannot be serious


Whack this smart nubbin on the end of your tennis racket and, thanks to accelerometers and vibration sensors, it’ll record a huge amount of data on how you’re playing. It’ll recognise and log every type of shot you make, as well as ball speed, ball spin, swing speed and impact location on the strings, and then feed it all to an app for analysis. You’ll be playing like Novak Djokovic in no time (maybe).

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