Screen Wars – LG and Samsung will reveal huge 105in 4K 21:9 curved TVs at CES 2014

It's impossible to cram more next-gen technologies into a TV. We've checked

We're not sure if our eyes are ready to gaze upon the glory of a 105in curved display, but Samsung and LG don't seem to care – they've just announced an insanely-specced 4K UHD TV each, and they look jaw-dropping.

Both behemoths feature a curved 105in 5120x2160 LCD screen (that's 11 million pixels if you're counting) and their 21:9 aspect ratios will be heaven for movie-fiends who despise black bars.

LG's 105UB9 offering uses Thin Film Transistor (TFT) pixel circuit technology to prevent colour leakage, which promises superior viewing experiences from any angle.

Samsung's pixel-packed monster also features a Quadmatic Picture Engine which is a fancy name for its ability to deliver all content in 4K UHD, no matter what source it's from.

Pricing has been left in the dark for the time being, but we bet all our Christmas presents that there's no way we could spring for one without winning the lottery or running a meth empire.

Stay tuned for CES in January where both Samsung and LG's titans will be revealed, and check out more CES 2014 news, predictions and trends here.

[via Pocket Lint]

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