Slide to unlock: 10 iPhone shortcuts to make your life easier

Get more done on your iPhone in less time

Most of us spend more time tapping away on our iPhones than we we do breathing and blinking. But there's a good chance you might have missed a few tricks still hidden up its iSleeves.

Hidden within the recesses of the iOS 7 are skills that you might not have known your iPhone was capable of, and we've rounded up some of the best time-saving moves to enhance your iPhone experience even further.

Shake to untype

Situation: You’ve just typed out a miniature essay, and realised that you can do better. Instead of repeatedly tapping or holding down the backspace key, there’s another way to undo what you just typed.

Solution: To reverse your words, all you have to is shake your iPhone and the undo prompt will pop up. Have another change of heart and want to redo what you just undid? Just shake your phone again and the redo prompt will pop up to restore your text. This shortcut works across all typing apps, so happy shaking, you fickle typer. 

Triple Click to invert

Situation: If you’re one of those who likes to use their phone in the dark just before going to bed and find all that white in your display awfully glaring, there’s another way to ease the strain on your eyes aside from turning the brightness on your screen down.

Solution: Invert the colours by going to Settings, General, followed by Accessibility, where you scroll right to the bottom and hit Accessibility Shortcut and choose Invert Colours. So whenever the lights are off, just triple click the home button to invert the colours on your display.

This feature is meant to help people with dyslexia, but we find it also comes in handy for using your phone discreetly in a darkened room without it casting a ghostly glare on your face.

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Where’s the word?

Situation: You’re trying to find a particular word or phrase on a site. You don’t have to read through the entire article to find what you’re looking for. There’s an easier way to get to it.

Solution: Type the word or phrase directly into the address bar and the phone will bring up a list of results. To find it on the page, scroll all the way down to see On This Page, tap on it, and it will highlight the word in yellow and take you through all of the matches till you find what you’re looking for.

Use EarPods to take a shake-free photo

Situation: Whether it’s tapping the capture button or pressing the volume up or down buttons to take a photo, there’s a chance that a little bit of movement could be introduced into your photo as you’re applying pressure on it, introducing annoying blur. But did you know you can take a photo without having to touch the iPhone at all?

Solution: EarPods (or any other made for iOS earphones) to the rescue! Just stick them into your iPhone, activate the Camera app and  use the remote as a temporary remote for your camera app too. Hit either the volume up and down buttons to take a shake-free photo. Also works for more natural-looking selfies.

More than meets the eye

Situation: Typing in the name of a foreign European address? Chances are there are a few accents in the words you’re using. How about the symbol for cents? Handily, the iPhone's keyboard hides more keys than those that are laid out.

Solution: To find the key you need, all you have to do is tap and hold the corresponding key. For example, if you tap and hold down the ‘$’ key, you’ll also find the currency keys used to denote cents, pounds and even yen. Doing the same on letter keys bring up accents.

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