Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadget gift ideas for animal lovers

Give your cuddly furball something to bark (or meow) about this Christmas

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 15 gadget gift ideas for animal lovers

If your name is Fido, Tibbles, or any other ridiculous name given to you by your human slave master, then congratulations: you've gained the ability to read and peruse the internet. And all without opposable thumbs.

If, on the other hand, you're an aforementioned human slave master, then this selection of the best Christmas gift ideas for animal lovers should be right up your pet-owning street.

We've even chucked in a few treats for your furry friends, so everyone's happy. Bring on the wagging tails.

Or condescending looks and scratches, in the case of cats

FroliCat teaser (£30)

15 of the best Christmas gifts ideas for animal lovers

It’s a well-known kitty-cat fact that our four-footed feline friends love chasing string. It’s like eating toffees, or colouring-in a crossword: a simple pleasure, entertaining for hours.

Unfortunately for pussy’s pet human, dragging a bit of floppy cotton around all afternoon isn’t so entertaining - especially when said cat has claws perfectly prepared for slicing through your finest denim. Flick on FroliCat’s FLIK, instead, and it’ll fling around a strand of string on your behalf for 15 minutes - or until Mr Tibbles needs a nap.

Buy the FroliCat teaser here

Tractive Motion Pet Activity Tracker (£59)

15 best Christmas gifts ideas for animal lovers

Does that dog really spend the whole day asleep on the sofa while you’re at work? Was that cat really “staying over at a friend’s house” last night? Well, it had to happen: a fitness band for quadrupeds, with sensors that record movement, acceleration and ambient conditions to reveal every detail of a pet’s lifestyle.

There’s a basic display on the collar-mounted device itself, but the Bluetooth-synced smartphone app (£free / iOS, Android) tells the whole story, allowing owners to manage daily activity targets – so they’ll know exactly how many more laps of the park Daniel the spaniel has to do before he’s allowed to come home and hump a table. 

Buy the Tractive Motion Pet Activity Tracker here

One for the owner

Kitty Laptop (£20)

15 of the best Christmas gifts ideas for animal lovers

Cat videos have long been the boon of the web-iverse, but, now that chickens are tweeting, it’s time to take your kitty to the next ‘net level with this paw-ly designed play pad.

OK, so it’s not a real laptop - in fact, its cardboard get-up is distinctly less connected than Google’s - but little soft-paws need never know. With a super scratchy keyboard and a fluffy mouse for a, well, mouse, it’s the perfect plaything for your on-the-net pet.

Buy the Kitty Laptop here

CatGenie (from £280)

15 of the best Christmas gifts ideas for animal lovers

Cats are such refined and fastidious creatures. Cats that poo in other people’s gardens, especially. Cats that poo in your own garden, slightly less so. Cats that poo in a stinky box of gravel next to the washing machine, less again.

This self-flushing, self-cleaning litter ‘toilet’ comes with everything needed to keep it running for four months. Apart from the cat. 

Buy the CatGenie here

Replace the kitty litter

Dyson pet hair tool (£40)

15 of the best Christmas gifts ideas for animal lovers

Oh Fluffy, whilst your adjectively-inspired name makes you such a soft lap-thing, it does also make for sock-sticking levels of carpet-coating fur.

Delightfully, Mr Dyson has done the deed and invented this counter-rotating turbine tool to end the war against pet hair, forever. From dirty paw prints to roll-around muck, this hi-powered not-a-Hoover has bendy heads that draw dirt from all directions for unprecedented pet palace cleanliness.

Buy the Dyson pet hair tool here

Keep it moist

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