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Win a Sonos Beam Soundbar and Sonos Sub worth £1098

The better TVs look, the worse they sound...

Why? Because wall-hugging skinniness, while it might be great for feng shui, is no good for generating enough power to fill your living room with the sound of Paul Robinson telling someone to shoot through. This, gentle reader, is why you need a soundbar… and, if you really want to feel the earth move when things start exploding, a subwoofer to go with it.

The Sonos Beam (RRP £399) is not just a good soundbar. It’s been at the summit of our Top Ten for ages and, in the recent 2018 Stuff Awards, it scooped both Hi-Fi Gadget of the Year and overall Gadget of the Year. And there’s what we said about the £699 Sub:”in the world of subwoofers, the Sonos Sub is a work of art.” Say no more.

This, then, is the audio setup your weedy TV is begging you for – and if you enter this month’s competition, you might just win it.

Follow the link to enter…