T-Mobile’s MDA Pro is still most hardcore smartphone available. Boasting every wireless connection imaginable, a huge VGA touchscreen, and a giddying 520MHz processor.

The list of features is epic, but the Psion-esque clamshell flicks our switch, particularly as the screen can be folded back on itself to transform it into a pseudo-Tablet PC.

It's big, bold, and some would say beautiful

The MDA Pro is too big to live permanently in your pocket – it’s a similar size to the Nokia 770 – and will probably be resigned to sitting in your manbag next to your PSP. It is well worth carrying the T-Mobile with you at all times, though.

It’s quick, incredibly functional and has a great battery life, even if you’re hammering the Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Email is a cinch thanks to the Outlook software, although we’d recommend swapping the Internet Explorer browser for Opera, because the former is pretty dry to use comfortably.

T-Mobile has shown us all that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and the MDA Pro is likely to be running round your heels and peeing in the corner for a while yet.

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T-Mobile MDA Pro review

The last word in smartphone power but the old-dog is showing some middle-aged-spread