Designed by a frustrated commuter, the Strida folds fast but into a rather long cumbersome package. When unfolded, the weird triangular frame shape is unique but at least that means car drivers are more likely to notice you.

Against the clock it’ll take you just 10 seconds to click together. There is a slight chance of injury - we wedged fingers between tubes often - but no serious damage can be done.

Once you’re used to the bizarre riding position, the Strida’s fine, and having no gears makes sense for commuters – no mess and infrequent maintenance. Just don’t buy one if your address has ‘Hill’ in it, your life will be one enduring struggle upwards.

Be warned: adjusting the seat height makes you feel more and more like a clown sitting on the handlebars and you don’t want a wobbly, uncomfortable ride in traffic.

Very near top marks, just watch your fingers.

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Strida Strida3 review

The Strida 3 is perfect for city gents who don’t need to hit too many hills and it clicks together in a few seconds