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Here’s how you can give your new Galaxy Fold6 or Flip6 ultimate protection

Bringing style and substance to the world of foldable smartphones

Spigen Flip and Fold

Having the very latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone in your pocket is a liberating experience. You know that any time you like, you can pull it out and enjoy some of the best engineering and manufacturing quality that modern technology has to offer.

Not only do you get to use some of the best AI-powered devices currently available, but you can protect them with Spigen accessories.

You’ll be able to enjoy owning a foldable a lot more if you keep your shiny new phone safe, and Spigen has a huge range of excellent cases specially designed for the latest smartphones and foldables.

Offering both style and protection, Spigen cases are the best choice for your Galaxy Z Fold6 or Flip6, and the company also produces screen protectors, chargers, and a whole world of accessories for your other Galaxy devices too.

As a part of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP), Spigen’s products are premium quality, utilise unique and innovative designs including precision cutouts and moulding to fit the latest phones, and they’re available in time for the devices’ release, so you don’t have to sit and wait while exposing your phone to danger.

Air Skin Series: Lightweight Elegance

Spigen Flip and fold accesories

Not everyone wants a heavy or bulky protective case for their phone, especially as slimness and lightness are such a big part of what makes smartphones attractive to us, and Spigen’s Air Skin series has been designed with exactly this in mind. It’s slim but fully functional, made from polycarbonate material for extra durability and with raised edges to protect the screen and camera of your phone. The Air Skin is as thin and light as it gets for a protective phone case, giving you a perfect grip on the device as you pull it from bags or pockets – it’s ideal for everyday use.

Spigen has two signature skins in the Air Skin range: the ZeroOne, which is imprinted with an image of the chips inside your phone, making it look as if its outer shell is as transparent as the case it’s wrapped in, and the Aramid, which is crafted from highly-durable 1500 denier Kevlar, adding a touch of sophistication as well as protection.

Ultra Hybrid Pro Series: Pro-Level Protection and Style

Spigen Flip and fold accesories

If it’s pro-level protection you’re after for your foldable, without sacrificing the attractive style that’s part of what makes owning and using a top-end folding smartphone worthwhile, then Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Pro series of cases is for you. The case features an innovative semi-sliding smart hinge that ensures seamless movement as your Galaxy Z Flip6, meaning it can safeguard your whole device no matter how you’re holding it – and this particular bit of innovative design has been tested over 100,000 times to ensure it’s reliable as you open and close your phone.

Available in grey, blue and clear finishes, along with the signature ZeroOne design, the Ultra Hybrid Pro case’s precision cutout engineering means it both fits tightly to your phone while also allowing access to all the important parts.

Slim Armor Pro Series: Simplicity Meets Ultimate Protection

Spigen Slim Armor Pro

Unmatched protection for your folding device comes in the form of Spigen’s Slim Armor Pro cases. Their cutting-edge technology shields your entire phone, including the hinge, and the non-slip pattern means it’s less likely to be dropped while you’re using it. A combination of raised edges – which help ensure that the case takes the impact of a fall rather than the more delicate parts of the phone itself – and a dual-layer design mean your phone is thoroughly protected against the worst that life can throw at it. Available in black and metallic finishes, the Slim Armor Pro offers effective protection without the kind of bulk that can make carrying a foldable a chore.

Tough Armor Pro Series: The Perfect Blend of Protection and Functionality

Spigen Flip and fold accesories

Outstanding foldable phone protection with a built-in kickstand comes in the form of Spigen’s Tough Armor Pro cases. These highly protective cases, ideal for travel or outdoor use, have been rigorously tested to ensure the hinge cover operates smoothly and reliably, so that the level of protection they offer will not degrade as you use it.

Hands-free use is enabled by the kickstand, which simply folds away against the rear of the case while not in use. In the case of the Tough Armor Pro P for the Fold6, it also comes with a dedicated slot within the hinge mechanism to hold the S-Pen stylus, keeping it within useful reach at all times.

Elevate Your Galaxy Ecosystem with Premium Accessories

Galaxy ecosystem Spigen

Spigen may be famous for its phone cases, but that’s not all it provides. Whether you’re working out, heading to the office, or enjoying your favourite tunes on the go, Spigen’s accessories for the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem will ensure your devices are always protected and looking their best.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Watch 7, you’ll want to protect it with the matte black Liquid Air case, which brings a sleek and minimalist design that complements the watch’s modern aesthetic. In order to not interfere with the workings of the watch, the case has been engineered with an open detail design that makes it suitable for use while exercising, and the form-fitting case is built to stay securely in place whatever you’re doing.

A more durable case for the Galaxy Watch Ultra comes in the form of the Rugged Armor case. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best protection against everyday life. A raised bezel protects the watch’s screen, while precise cutouts allow you to use all the watch’s functions.

For those times you worry about your Galaxy Buds, the Lock Fit case* ensures you’ll never use them while they’re not in use. The case wraps around the existing Galaxy Buds charging case, with a clip-lock mechanism that prevents the buds from falling out, plus eight air cushions integrated into the design and a sturdy clip to attach it to your bag or belt. *Coming soon

Precisely Engineered to Fit your Flip display

Spigen Flip and fold accesories

Further protection for phones comes in the form of the Glas.tR EZ Fit screen protector for the Galaxy Z Flip6. Precisely engineered to fit, and with an easy installation kit allowing you to apply your screen protector in a blink of an eye, its 9H tempered glass is crystal clear, and will fend off any dust and scratches that could compromise the original screen of your device while still allowing full use of the touchscreen.

Keep your Samsung Galaxy phone juiced up and ready to go with Spigen’s ArcField Flex Wireless Charger, a Designed for Samsung certified wireless charger that supports super-fast wireless charging at a maximum of 15W. It converts into a stand so you can keep your phone upright and easy to see while it’s charging, and is perfect for keeping on your desk or bedside table as a pad too.

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