Geotagging isn't new but until now it's largely been the preserve of tech-savvy adventurers keen to keep track of their every pace. Now big boy Sony has joined in and bust the door wide-open for the rest of us with the GPS-CS1.

Map your photos

For the uninitiated, geotagging uses GPS to stamp the hidden EXIF data attached to digital snaps with the precise earthly spot it was taken in. Load these photos up to Flickr or other suitable software and you'll magically be able to view your snaps on a world map, letting you see exactly where your travels took you.

Sony's karabiner-clad version uses a built-in GPS to record its position every 15 seconds and saves it to its 32MB memory – good for up to one month’s of wandering. The data’s uploaded when it’s plugged into a USB port back at base before being added to the snaps.

Tagging is taken care of with the basic but functional GPS Image Tracker software. Sadly it's PC-only but with a bit of tinkering you can get the GPS-CS1 to work with most other geotagging apps. It’ll also work with any cam – not just Sony’s.

Accurate GPS

We found the GPS reassuringly accurate to within a couple of metres and quick to find a lock. Like other portables, it doesn’t like being woken up far from where it last was but it was happy to be hidden in a bag or clipped onto a belt.

Despite the cost, there are few other frills. There's no Bluetooth so it can't be used with a PD, for sat-nav. The settings can't be tweaked to change how often it logs its position and there's no display, save a trio of LEDs to indicate battery and signal strength. At least it makes it simple to use.

Stuff says... 

Sony GPS-CS1 review

There are better featured packages around but few are as foolproof as the Sony. It’s time for geotagging to go mainstream