Nokia Lumia 1020 leak reveals it’s more than just a 41MP camera sensor that makes it special

Could this finally be the Windows Phone that gets iOS and Android worried? The specs say 'yes'
nokia lumia 1020 yellow eos

We’ve not even started packing our bags for Nokia’s EOS event in New York on Thursday and yet most of the details have already been leaked.

The Nokia Lumia 1020, formerly named EOS, not only packs a 41MP sensor but also sports 2GB RAM, optical image stabilisation and a combined xenon and LED flash.

One helluva camera

nokia lumia 1020
lumia eos 1020

According to WP Central we can expect better low light photography in the 1020 than its 808 PureView predecessor. That’s thanks not only to xenon and LED flash options, but also to a light-gulping f2.2 aperture and optical image stablisation. Plus, with 2GB RAM to draw on, it should run more smoothly than any Windows Phone you can currently buy.

The 1020 will shoot 32MP or 5MP snaps with a 16:9 aspect ratio, or 38MP in 4:3. The 5MP pic is “oversampled”, meaning it crams seven pixels into one “super pixel”. It's similar tech to that used by Nokia's 808 PureView, and it sounds a lot like the HTC One’s UltraPixel camera – but it provides the option of outputting a much larger full resolution shot (the One only shoots 4MP images). For the more experienced shutterbugs the Pro Camera app should offer controls for ISO, white balance, manual focus, shutter speed and flash.

More specs and release date

nokia lumia 1020
nokia lumia 1020 grip

Other specs revealed include 32GB storage (sadly without a microSD expansion slot), NFC, an optional wireless charging backplate, and an FM radio. There’s also a rumoured $87 camera grip (pictured right) that doubles as an extra 1020mAh battery, tripod mount point and shutter button.

The rumoured release date is July 22 with a price of around $770. If that's the case, this could be one hell of a bargain, and a compelling reason to give Windows Phone 8 another look (as if the Nokia Lumia 925 isn't already enough). Check back on Thursday for full official details and our hands-on review.

[Source: WP Central]