4G Motorola Moto G is here - the best budget phone on the planet just got better

UPDATE 17/07: It boasts 4G LTE capability, and will cost you a mere S$348
Moto G with 4G is official

The Moto G was a tasty surprise when it arrived last year, mixing specs and value like no budget smartphone before it.

All that was missing was a little extra something, the cherry on top to make it irresistible. Upgrading its 3G radio to a 4G one is that cherry.

The Moto G with LTE also introduces another crucial upgrade to the original design: its 8GB or 16GB of storage can be supplemented with a microSD card of up to 32GB in size. If the Moto G was close to budget phone perfection last year, it’s even closer now.

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Moto 4G

Everything we liked about the Moto G stays the same: the chunky, tough and colourful design, impressive 4.5in 720p screen, good-for-a-day battery and almost-stock Android KitKat OS. It’s a shame the shabby 5MP rear camera hasn’t been given some love, but it's the one remaining weak point in an otherwise phenomenally good-value smartphone.

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4G Moto G now in Singapore

The faster 4G speed is just a mere icing on the cake. Motorola's budget Android smartphone costs a mere S$348 without a line contract. It's nowhere near the price of the crazy affordable Xiaomi phones, but the added 4G speed (if you don't mind paying a monthly subscription to StarHub) is worth the extra moolah. 

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