New Smart ForTwo Pure is wheely good value

Little city wheels for a fiver less than 10 grand
06 May 2017 / 2:23SGT

You know those urban sorts who like to nip around on scooters, looking smug as they hop from pavement to tube with reckless abandon? Smart’s new ForTwo Pure will let you grumble about their gumption while taking up a little less space in the traffic jam. Costing you the pocket money price of £9995 (S$18,210), its 1-litre engine won’t see you out-dragging Mercs off the roundabouts - but low emissions of 97 g/km of CO2 and a 67.3mpg combined fuel economy should at least mean it’s kind on your wallet. Which is good, given that you’ll need to buy two to fit the whole family.

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