Cameras in mobile phones? That’ll never take off, will it? Guess what? It did. Now Samsung has turned its attentions to adding extra feature to its cameras. But at least it’s versatile.

The i6 does the usual stuff like taking pictures – we’ll get to that in a minute – and VGA movies but it also has an MP3 player on board and even the ability to play films.

The problem is that all of the extra technology has affected the camera itself. Picture quality leaves a bit to the imagination. The 2.5in screen is perfectly suitable for framing, the zoom control is quick and accurate, and the end result is a pretty sharp picture. But colours are rarely accurate, blue tones being a particularly sticky subject.

The i6 only has an ISO sensitivity of 400, which isn’t what you’d call groundbreaking. This wouldn’t pose a problem if the flash was good but the shots end up looking like a Chihuahua in a blender.

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Samsung i6 review

Full marks for effort but the i6 is trying to do too much, without doing anything very well