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Toshiba 32WLT66 review

Trying to plan an affordable route to hi-def heaven? Programme your sat-nav and head for this budget LCD TV from Toshiba

While Toshiba’s soldiers sharpen their toothpicks for the format war with Sony’s Blu-ray, they’ve still found time to grow their stable of HD-ready TVs. Following an afternoon with Etch-a-Sketch, its engineering bods have unveiled the new WLT66 range.

Get ready to rumble

The 32WLT66 is a 32-inch (1366×768 resolution) set that boasts every feature a hi-def hunting gadgeteer could wish for.

It comes equipped with a pair of HDMI inputs for a DVD player or PS3, component video inputs for your Xbox 360, and even manages to squeeze in a Freeview digital tuner so you’ve got a host of new channels at your disposal.

Picture this

Getting down to business, the Tosh throws up some impressive pictures. Contrast levels serve up rich blacks while the screen exhibits a lively and natural colour balance.

Standard TV pics show little sign of judder or motion smearing, but it’s the Toshiba’s handling of DVD images that really get the juices flowing. It drags up layer after layer of detail with crystal-clear pics and minimal trace of on-screen fuzz.

A genuine bargain

But here’s the clincher. The 32WLT66 is a bona-fide bargain and your credit card will love you forever – well, at least until you decide to go for a next-gen DVD player. If you want affordable, then audition this Toshiba.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5