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Sony Ericsson K770i review

Sony Ericsson has puts it latest Cyber-shot on a grueling fast – the K770i is its thinnest camphone yet, but still packs a raft of features

Sony Ericsson’s Cyber-shot line has been the top of the cameraphone pops for a while, but we couldn’t help thinking that with the likes of the K850i, they were getting a little plump. Enter the super-slim candybar with no added sugar: the K770i.

Feature fat

The K770i is an impressive 14.5mm thin but still sports a 3.2MP camera, 3G web surfing speeds and Sony’s superb Walkman music software, which means listening to your tunes isn’t like hearing them through two tin cans and a piece of string.

Camera-wise it certainly isn’t as good as the 5MP, Xenon flash-toting K850i, but features like PhotoFix, allowing you to touch up photos, mean that snaps are good enough to print on glossy.

You don’t have jack

Unfortunately the K770i doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack and no adaptor is supplied, meaning you’ll either have to buy one or live with the provided ‘phones.

Memory might also be a problem if you plan to be Sir Snap-a-lot, as it only comes with a 256MB card and 16MB of onboard memory.  

But we enjoyed the musical experience – it seems to have all the good genes from the Walkman range, with decent bass and a crisp high-end. Stereo Bluetooth is also on hand should you want to match it with some compatible cans.  

We also enjoyed having 3G web surfing speeds and the XHTML browser rendered pages well enough. The only real problem is that the screen is a little small for extensive Googling.

The K770i doesn’t excel in one particular area but if you’re after a capable and good-looking all-rounder, this is one of the strongest handsets out there.


Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5