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Jays q-Jays review

Show your lugs some love with these sound-isolating comfort kings – just make sure you’ve got your credit card ready…

Just like good or evil, City or United and medium or well-done, the size of your headphones is a particularly personal choice. Swedish headphone specialists Jays definitely knows which side of the fence it’s on – it’s new q-Jays are apparently the smallest in-ear design around.

Of course, the unobtrusive size also reduces the headphones’ weight, so they don’t feel like they’re succumbing to gravity and dragging at your ears all the time. But despite such tiny proportions, the q-Jays still manage to squeeze in two drivers per ear.

Accessorise me up

Among the extensive collection of accessories are six (yes six) sizes of silicon rubber sleeves, ensuring the q-Jays both fit snugly and banish background noise. In fact, we’d challenge anyone to find a comfier set – but at £130 it’s the least you can expect.

Audiophiles will be pleased to see gold-plated connectors out in force, although the cable itself may be a little thin to some tastes. The fact you can separate it halfway down is a plus, though, as it means you don’t have to walk round with great lengths of trailing cables.

Pricey, but a worthy choice

Powerful, punchy and detailed, the q-Jays are accomplished enough to reveal when your digital songs are suffering from their compression ratio. It’s certainly enough to make you think again about selecting that 128kbps setting just to get more music on your player.

For out-and-out quality per quid, we reckon the q-Jays are a smidgen too expensive. That said, there’s no denying the quality of their sound, and if you’re not the kind to go for in-ear ‘phones you may be converted once you’ve had a pair of these in your lug holes.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5