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HTC Desire Eye review

The go-to phone for the sharpest selfies in existence

Some people love selfies. Some people loathe selfies. Some people put cameras on sticks to get better selfies.

Whichever camp you’re in, there’s no denying that in a world where so many lives are micro-blogged into oblivion, selfies have become important. The HTC Desire Eye is one of the most obviously selfie-obsessed phones ever made.

Phones are starting to use higher-res sensors for their front cameras, but the HTC Desire Eye jumps all the way up to a 13-megapixel sensor, with a dual-LED flash. That’s more than many ‘main’ phone cameras get.

You’re probably thinking — this can’t be good news, a phone that’s all about a single gimmick? Well the big surprise here is that the Desire Eye is almost the inverse of the Facebook-bothering narcissist it might appeal to. Yes, the front camera will grab a few headlines, but almost every other element of the phone is rock-solid, making it a real contender in the £400 weight class.

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Object of Desire

Object of Desire

Just a few years ago, the Desire range was where you’d find HTC’s top phones. However, these days it’s packed with mid-range mobiles with a slightly more fun, less fashion- and spec-obsessed feel to them.

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