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Horizon Hydrogen fuel cell car review

Kiss your remote controlled, nitrous-injected, petrol-powered toy car goodbye – this one runs on hydrogen. Yep, that’s right, the same substance nuclear warheads used to be made from

If you’re a bit of an eco-geek, this is perfect for you. It combines a toy car with a hydrogen power plant and a solar panel, just for good measure.

Nuclear power plant in a car

The beauty here is its simplicity of operation. Fill the power plant with water – normal tap will do, no need for designer mineral – hook up the small solar panel, add a few hours of good old British sun (if you can find it) and, hey presto, you’ve got hydrogen.

All that’s left to do is pump your recently acquired gas into the car, flip the switch, and away it goes… in a kind of Driving Miss Daisy fashion.

The makers, Horizon, reckon it’s good for about 100 feet, but we didn’t get anywhere near that using the solar cell. But we reckon if you plug in the optional AA batteries, you’ll be able to turn the H2O into plain old H with no worries, and possibly reach that elusive 100ft range.

But what’s the point in having a fuel cell car if you still rely on batteries? In other words: ditch the batteries and stick to the cool solar panel, even if the range is pretty poor.

We’re still coming to terms with the fact that this car actually works. After all, it is essentially a £60 sub-station. But we suspect that it’ll get boring after the fiftieth refuelling. And the ‘races’ might be, um… a little short, too.

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