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High Sierra AT3 Drop Duffrite review

Big and bombproof, this High Sierra can take the knocks and has more handles than a 20 stone wrestler

Wheeled bags are better than getting a hernia lugging a traditional suitcase, but dragging them along can make you look like an air hostess.

Tow this High Sierra, though, and there’ll be no mistaking that your business is far more butch than passing out packets of nuts and booze in tiny bottles.

Pull, Grab, Carry

Unlike a lot of wheeled bags, carry handles on the Drop Bottom Duffrite aren’t an afterthought; this one has lots of places to get a grip.

Large double webbing straps with a comfortable padded velcro handle allow it to be carried like a traditional holdall and a hard plastic handle at the bottom, opposite the wheels, doubles as a stabiliser to stop the bag toppling over when rested.

On the top edge is an ergonomically shaped handle and a padded zipped panel folds down from one long side to reveal rucksack straps, great for lugging across terrain that wheels can’t cope with. All the straps are riveted so will cope with the load you can pack into this cavernous beast.

Wardrobe on wheels

Unzip all around and it splits into two big compartments – ideal for stashing clean clothes in one and sweaty, dirty kit in the other.

The top compartment also has its own separate section for wet stuff or bio-hazardous socks. Stow straps, large mesh pocket and easy access top compartment add to the convenience and versatility of this everything-and-the-kitchen sink wardrobe on wheels.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5