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Bloodborne review

Reign in blood: a top PS4 exclusive

Most games these days are desperate to show you what to do, where to go, how to enjoy what they have to offer. They’re so keen to please it’s almost a turn-off.

Well, Bloodborne’s not like that. Not only does it not spoon feed, you get the impression that the game doesn’t even like you. Heck, Bloodborne probably hates you.

It’s terribly hard and more obscure than a bad Russian translation of a James Joyce novel, it also takes place in one of the least inviting settings you can imagine. It’s set in a grim old world, is Bloodborne. However, if you can embrace the gloom and hold on tight through its many hard-as-nails sections, you’re rewarded with one of the most involving and rewarding games of the current generation.

It’s a big win for the PS4, which gets a console exclusive on this slab of bloodied meat.

Bloodborne reborn

Bloodborne reborn

While Bloodborne isn’t officially part of an ongoing series, it’s a close relative of From Software’s Souls games, the most recent being 2014’s Dark Souls II. Like those titles, Bloodborne is a rock-hard third-person action RPG that punishes, punishes and then punishes you again so that when you do finally succeed the victory tastes sweeter than a sundae topped with chocolate sauce and sugary sprinkles.