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Bike in a Bag Compact review

The Bike in a Bag Compact suffers heavily from pinched pennies: plasticky components, heavy frame and wobbly steering do not a good ride make

This only gets one star for a reason. ‘The UK’s best-selling folder’, claims the manufacturer. And no wonder – it’s cheap as chips and fluorescent yellow.

Against the clock it’ll take you a good two minutes to erect. That may not sound long, but it’s an age compared to similar models.

The worst part, though, is the build quality. On the road you can see where every penny’s been pinched – shonky spokes, toy plastic components, a tiny yet amazingly heavy frame, and handlebars and seatpost that lean towards each other for twitchy, wobbly steering. As you’ve probably guessed, this doesn’t come highly recommended.

Stuff Says…

Score: 1/5