Promoted: TCL's TS7010 soundbar is slim, discreet and powerful

Don’t imagine you don’t know anything about TCL. For 35 years, TCL has been one of the world’s most forward-thinking electronics brands - whether you realised it at the time or not, TCL has almost certainly been involved in one of the smartphones, or kitchen appliances, or TVs you’ve used.

Now it’s ready to become your favourite brand of high-performance headphones and soundbars too.

Because when you chose your TV, you picked the one with the best picture. And when you got it home, it looked great - but the sound quality didn’t quite match up, did it?


TCL has a couple of ways to bring a significant boost to your TV’s sound without breaking the bank, and without crowding your screen with unsightly speakers.

The TS7010 is on the higher performance side, being more powerful and better specified. It packs in a pair of 38mm tweeters and two 11cm doped paper mid/bass drivers, powered by a total of 160 watts, and adds HDMI with Audio Return Channel for simple, high-quality connection to your TV. It has Bluetooth 4.2 and Dolby Digital decoding, just like its smaller sibling, and its wireless subwoofer features a 16.5cm driver and 160 watts of power.

All of which means the TS7010 can transform your TV’s sound - you’ll hear scale, dynamism, detail and sheer depth the like of which your TV hasn’t a hope of delivering. A wall-mounting kit and remote control are included, and three EQ modes means the TS7010 sounds great no matter what you’re watching (or listening to).

The TS5010 is the relatively compact and friendly priced soundbar in TCL’s range. It’s just 80cm long, but finds room for two 51mm full-range doped paper speaker drivers powered by 120 watts for big, clear sound. It has Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless streaming, and Dolby Digital audio decoding for an authentically cinematic experience. It comes with a 120-watt wireless subwoofer with 13cm driver, too - so the biggest Hollywood action scenes have all the depth and power they require.

A trio of EQ presets means the TS5010 is adaptable to any sort of content, and as there’s a remote control and wall-mount kit included too, it’s as convenient to use as it is exciting to listen to.

It couldn’t be easier to bring high-quality, full-sized sound to your favourite movies and TV programmes - both the TS5010 and TS7010 are simple to set up, and will be ready to serve up thrilling audio in next-to no time. You owe it to yourself to check them out at the official TCL website, or at Amazon - and you owe it to your TV too.