miPic lets you turn your Instagram snaps into cold hard cash

Plus, you can print your face onto just about anything. Who wouldn’t want their very own selfie wallpaper?
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The printed t-shirt has long been a mainstay of panicked birthday buyers and last-minute Secret Santa shoppers. But slapping a family photo or a snap of your favourite doggo onto a t-shirt remains a decidedly archaic process - not to mention a creatively stifling one.

That’s where miPic comes in. The UK-based startup has dragged the printed t-shirt - as well as the likes of the cushion, phone case, and even wallpaper - kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Part social network, part Etsy-like marketplace, the miPic app allows you to quickly and easily upload a photo from your iOS or Android device and create your very own customised gifts.

What’s particularly neat is that you don’t have to keep your creations to yourself. miPic optionally allows budding photographers and Instagram artists to sell prints of their work to anyone online, earning a 20 percent commission on each sale. 

There are already a wealth of different prints on offer (including this particularly awesome cat), which can be applied to t-shirts, swimsuits, phone cases, vests, towels, framed prints, pillows, tote bags, leggings, canvas, flip flops and huge acrylic and aluminium floats.

“We all create cool pics using our phones that are worthy of hanging on the wall or sent as a gift to a loved one,” says Founder & CEO, Carl Thomas. “We have teamed up with the best print makers in the UK to enable everyone to bring their pictures to life without breaking the bank and sacrificing on quality.”

The miPic app is available now for free, with customisable prints starting from as little as £15. Best of all if you sign up to miPic’s newsletter you get 10 percent off your first order. 

Click here to download the miPic app or head over to www.mipic.co to learn more >>