A 3MP cam may not be top of the shots these days, but the C-370 still shoots perfectly decent snaps. So what if these days 3-megapixels is bare-bones, entry-level resolution? It offers more than enough quality to print 6x4 snapshots, and it’s not bad even at A4 size.

With the C-370 you’ll get a cheap, idiot-proof (even we can use it) camera with a 3x zoom for tackling 90 percent of everyday subjects, with a size and weight – and price – that won’t punish your pocket.

You’ll also be able to concentrate on taking pictures and not worry about the camera or its settings. The go-anywhere 370’s ‘one-button-per-function’ design makes it simple to use, which is an advantage not just for beginners but for anyone who doesn’t have time to faff around.

It’s well made, so it won’t fall to bits, but it’s cheap enough that you won’t worry about taking it to the beach or the club. And it’s portable enough for lightweights who don’t want to stuff their pockets with lenses.

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Olympus C-370 review

Cheap as chips and just as tasty. Perfect for snappers who want to take pics, not fumble with buttons