Nike’s Air Zoom system has remained largely unchanged since its mid-90s introduction, but the boffins at Beaverton HQ have been tinkering with it of late. The new version is a less obtrusive technology that stays in the midsole rather peering through a window in the heel, and the RS+ is one of the first trainers to pack the refined system.

Just add iPod Nano

A slender shoe with a track-style upper that looks not unlike last year’s first Nike+iPod trainer, the Moire, the RS+ has the same slot in the heel for the kit’s receiver, meaning it’ll give hook up much more seamlessly with your iPod Nano than other solutions like the Switcheasy Runaway.

It feels like an improvement on its predecessor too, with a lot more resilience than the Moire’s slipper-like fit, and gives the impression of being a much more serious running shoe.?

Stealthy shoes

The Zoom section withstands a fair amount of impact and the lack of unnecessary padding and panelling makes the RS+ feel agile and almost nondescript, moving speedily and without the fuss of louder tech-heavy shoes.??But the design certainly doesn’t let the side down either, with Nike taking cues from early running shoe experiments like the Waffle Racer to make the RS+ a good example of old knowingly meeting the new.

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Nike Air Zoom RS+ review

A worthy successor to the Moire, offering all the same Nike+iPod functionality in a slick design