Zippo Woodsman is four tools in one

Is it an axe? Is it a saw? Is it a hammer? Is it a peg puller? Yes it is – to all those

Zippo, famed for lighters, has started an outdoor range mainly focused on aiding man in his most proud achievement, starting fires. Now Zippo is, ahem, branching out by helping you make the firewood too, with the Woodsman.

The Woodsman is a 4-in-1 tool including a saw with removable blade which, when put away, let's you unsheathe the head and use it as an axe. The flip side of that is a proficient hammer the bottom of which has a hook ideal for pulling out tent pegs. Zippo says it’s good for sawing up to 4in thick wood – perfect for firewood preparation.

The Woodsman will be released in Spring 2013 for US$80 (£50). A worthy price to feel like a true man.

[Via Gizmag]

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