You can now pay your bus fare with a tap of your phone

EE's Cash on Tap app can replace your Oyster card on London buses
You can now pay your bus fare with a tap of your phone

EE has announced that its Cash on Tap contactless payment app which launched last year will now work on London buses.

The new bus payment service charges £1.45 for a single journey, with daily and Monday to Sunday bus fares capped at £4.40 and £20.20 respectively.

That's the same cost as using an Oyster card, and it's welcome news for those of us that are constantly losing them. Or having our pets chew them up. Again and again. Damn their adorable faces.

iPhone owners will of course be left out in the cold, thanks to Apple's decision to shun NFC in all of its iDevices. Recent rumours suggest that the iPhone 6 could finally land with NFC powers however, so there's still hope.

And even if you are on Android it won't work if you're not an EE customer; we just tried it ourselves, and faced rejection. Nor is it yet available on Windows Phone devices.

If you are an EE customer using an Android phone, though, you can download the app for free from the Google Play Store

Although only London's buses are currently supported by the app, TfL's contactless payment system will go live on the London underground, Overground and DLR networks on 16 September, after which EE's Cash on Tap app can be used to traverse every nook and canny of the capital without ever having to brandish an Oyster card again.

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