Xbox 720 rumour round-up

All your tasty Xbox 720 Durango rumours squeezed into one tiny space – come in, it's cosy

Those games developers just can't keep a secret and now it's official – a very select group of lucky souls have already played on the Xbox 720.

The console (codenamed Durango) might not land anytime soon – and we might not even get it before Christmas 2012 – but with rumours like these, we're happy to wait.

The Xbox 360 was designed to last through ten years of gaming but even with a succession of innovations like Kinect,  the arrival of the iPad, PS Vita and OnLive have left our old 'Box looking a bit long in the tooth.

Maybe Kinect 2, a Blu-ray drive and a console that's six times faster than its predecessor will do the trick. Here's what (we think) we know about Microsoft's next-gen console.

- Next Xbox specs revealed

Xbox 720 to drop in 2013 with Kinect 2 and AR glasses?

- PS4 and Xbox 720 Durango graphics revealed

- Xbox 720 Durango is in London

- Xbox 720 is codenamed Durango

- Xbox 720 to get Wii U style screen controller?

- Xbox 720 to get Kinect 2 and Blu-ray Drive

- PS4 may use Xbox 720 graphics chips

- Xbox 720 set to arrive in 2013 with Radeon 6000 graphics

- Xbox 720 not arriving in 2012 says Microsoft France

- Xbox 720 to support enhanced 3D

- Xbox 720 to get DVR functionality

- Xbox 720 release as soon as 2012?

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