Xbox 720 dev kit goes on sale for US$10,000

Microsoft's next-gen console dev kit has hit the interwebs with a hefty price tag, but is this the real deal or just an elaborate prank?

A PC which was listed for US$10,000 on the Assembler Games developer forums as a bona fide Xbox 720 Durango development kit might actually have been the genuine article according to Eurogamer's unnamed industry sources working on AAA next-gen games.

Although the purported dev kit looks nothing like a console, its PC tower innards reportedly contain hardware similar to that of the upcoming Xbox 720, with an 8-core CPU, 8GB RAM and an Nvidia graphics chipset powering the show.

DaE, the user who posted the dev kit for sale, was tracked down by Eurogamer and told the site that is was merely a prank – a prank for which he was subsequently banned.

Selling a genuine next gen console dev kit sounds like a far-fetched prank to us, but if an app can control a minigun-toting war machine in this day and age, then we suppose anything is possible.

[CVG via Eurogamer]

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