Xbox 360 gets BBC iPlayer with Kinect controls

450 iPlayer friendly devices and platforms later, Xbox LIVE finally gets to play with the video-on-demand service

BBC iPlayer is now available on Xbox LIVE for free – but before you rush off to lovingly embrace your trusty Xbox 360 and re-watch that nail-biting Masterchef final, read on for the details.

Anyone who's too stingy for an Xbox LIVE Gold sub will be pretty happy that the BBC has defended your right to watch its programming for nothing. Unlike a lot of the Smart TV-style apps (like YouTube and LOVEFiLM) that launched with the new Xbox LIVE dashboard at the end of last year, BBC iPlayer on Xbox 360 won't be restricted to paid up gamers.

More good news come in the form of support for voice and gesture recognition with Kinect – OK we get the feeling you've run off to try this now.

You'll see that the BBC iPlayer app matches the new Metro-inspired Xbox LIVE UI with big, swipeable image tiles to simplify your next-gen controls. Alright, you win – we're on our way.

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