Xbox 360 dashboard getting another update soon?

Rumour has it Microsoft will give the console’s interface a spruce-up in preparation for its successor
Microsoft Xbox 360 dashboard

The new Xbox is coming soon. In fact there’s a big old launch event for it happening next Tuesday, 21st May. And one of the ways in which Microsoft is preparing for its arrival is a new update for the Xbox 360 dashboard – at least if a rumour is correct.

The Verge has been informed by a source that Microsoft will roll the update out in late June or early July, and that it will bring with it smaller Live Tiles, along with lighter or darker theme options. It’ll also be the end of MS Points– a rumour we heard only a couple of days ago.

The idea behind the update is to prepare users for a transition to the new Xbox, apparently. It’ll allow users of the new console and the Xbox 360 to send messages to each other, and existing Xbox 360 users to carry over their achievements to the new console.

We’ll be reporting on next week’s new Xbox launch, so join us on Tuesday for all the revelations.

[Via The Verge]