Would you create your very own walking 3D-printed companion?

What? No, we have friends. This is just for, you know, science and stuff. Sniff
Soon you could create your very own walking 3D-printed companion

Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid? No, neither did we. Honest. But if we did we'd now be jumping for joy, thanks to the latest developments in friend-printing technology.

Design company INRIA Flowers' Project Poppy focuses on creating your very own 3D-printed, self-assembled robot friend that can (almost) walk on its own.

We say almost, because the bipedal Poppy robot still needs to be pulled along by your hands. Like a small child but, you know, more subtly terrifying.

Baby steps

Poppy's thighs (like ours) are curved inwards for better balance and its adorable little shoes are packed with plenty of sensors to ensure balance is maintained.

The best part though is that every single component can be either printed with a 3D printer or purchased from an electronics store.

If Poppy 2.0 can walk on its own then you can snap one up for €7500. And teach it to fetch you beer from the fridge. 

It's like a dog, minus the slobber and toilet accidents. What's not to love?