Will the ZTE Apache be the world’s first 8-core smartphone?

2013 is looking like the year of the octo-core smartphone and ZTE might lead the charge

The arrival of octo-core processors for mobiles promises console-quality graphics on smartphons – and now ZTE looks set to pack eight cores of goodness into its upcoming ZTE Apache smartphone.

The Apache, according to China Times, will arrive with an 8-core processor, 1080p screen, and 4G connectivity. That’ll mean the ability to run 8K video at 60fps, if the ARM T678 GPU is anything to go by.

The only question is who will be first to the release, with Samsung rumoured to be working on an octo-core too. We expect to see one at CES 2013 in January or MWC 2013 in February – check back then for full details.

[ChinaTimes via TechRadar]

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