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Will games make or break Google’s Chrome OS?

Google hopes its internet-based operating system Chrome OS will wean the world off Microsoft Windows. But if Google is to have a real chance of beatin

But if Google is to have a real chance of beating Microsoft, it needs the support of game companies. Why? Because games have long been the driver of progress in the PC market.

The adoption of optical disc drives, sound cards and 3D graphics cards have all been driven by PC owners wanting the latest cutting edge game. Demand for online PC gaming also played a key role in the early uptake of broadband too.

But Google will need to do more than persuade game companies to port their existing projects to Chrome OS.

It will need those same companies to make exclusive games that really take advantage of Chrome OS’s cloud computing emphasis. Without these killer exclusives it’s hard to see why a PC gamer would be willing to ditch Windows.

But since few game companies even support Mac OS, it’s going to be an uphill struggle to persuade game publishers to take a chance on Chrome OS. Although after the Vista experience, PC owners might well be tempted if the games are available.

What do you think it will it take to persuade PC gamers to switch from Microsoft to Google?

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