News adds Sony BMG

Ad–supported tunage has always seemed a bit, well, wrong. But now is adding half a million tracks from Sony BMG to its array of shonky i

Tracks can be listened to for free, courtesy of an ad tacked onto the start of the song. This means BMG artists including Leona Lewis, The Hoosiers and Mark Ronson (all of whom are clearly short of cash), get paid properly.

You can even download the tracks for free, with ads falling off after a set number of listens. If all those commericial jingles are too much to bear, then you can buy the track minus the clips instead.

We7 says this is the best way for punters to get free music, as the artists don’t get clobbered. It also means you can share music on the site with friends and bands still get paid.

With Sony BMG already signed up to Nokia’s Comes With Music too, it must only be a matter of time before the other majors start to weigh in on this freebie lark.

You can check out what we first made of We7 when it launched too.


Sony BMG on We7

Price: £Free

On sale: Now

Contact: We7