WD's tiny MyPassport is the perfect backup partner for your Xbox One

Matching design and massive capacity means never running out of space for games again

Have Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3's massive install sizes left your Xbox One's hard disk feel the pinch?

Don't go wiping off your old games - slap one of WD's new-look MyPassport external HDDs on top of your console instead.

Each dinky 2.5in disk looks a bit like a mini Microsoft machine, with matching colours, textured plastic and glossy finish.

It's what happens when you hand over design duties to Yves Behar, the man behind the Jawbone fitness tracker. No worries if you've got one of those OG Xbox Ones, either - WD's got six colours to choose from, including an eye-watering orange and blindingly bright red.


They might be smaller than a pack of smokes, but there's a whopping 4TB of storage inside each disk - that's eight times more room than a vanilla Xbox One. Even with 50GB game installs, that's enough space to keep you gaming for years without running out of room.

Plug into one of the Xbox One’s USB3 ports and you’ll get the best possible speeds, too - so there shouldn’t be any delay in loading or installing games.

Of course it’ll work with PCs or Macs as a regular old backup disk, natch. And I guess you could plug it into a PS4 if you like - you can’t play games off it (thanks, Sony), but at least it’ll let you stream videos without copying them across to the console’s hard disk first.

You'll be able to pick one up this week, with prices starting from £68 for a 1TB disk. Want the full-fat 4TB model? That'll set you back £140.



What if you're all about breaking out the screwdrivers instead of bolting on extra kit? WD's got you covered there too - and not just with higher capacity hard disks.

After all, a speed boost is always a nice little extra, right? Time to step up to an SSD.

The 1TB Blue is WD's first foray into SSDs, and while it doesn't have that fancy schmancy new NVMe tech for lightning fast speeds, it'll still max out your Xbox One or PS4's SATA data connection. It'll speed up loading and install times, get you into games faster, and use less power than a regular old hard disk too.

With 1TB of storage, it's got twice the space of a standard Xbox One and entry-level PS4 Slim's 500GB hard disk, too.

There's no word on UK pricing just yet, but you'll be able to bag one later this month for €340.