Wallee M mount likes iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus equally

Kickstarter project uses magnets and compatible cases for a sleek mounting system

We're rather taken with the Wallee M Kickstarter project – it's a modular mounting system that will let you attach your iPhone to… well, pretty much anything.

The Wallee M system consists of an X-shaped rare earth magnet – built into adhesive discs, a car windscreen mount and a slick-looking desktop stand. Your phone clips into a hardshell case containing an X-shaped depression that marries up with the mount – letting you site your phone horizontally or vertically.

Because it's based around a case, the Wallee M isn't limited to one phone brand – handy for families and dedicated gadgeteers who tote more than one phone around. The initial line-up includes black and white hardshell cases for the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but the system could be fitted to pretty much any phone.

With twelve days to go, the project has reached US$17,000 of its US$35,000 goal – for $US40 you can net yourself a Magnetic Mounting Disk and phone case, with larger pledges getting you access to the Pivot Stand and Car Suction Mount. They're expected to ship in July – assuming the Wallee M reaches its funding target.

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